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Raise Your Vibration



Our goal is to help you release negative energy and more

If you're like a lot  of people when you hear the word chakra, you immediately think its some sort of new age concept for hippies and tree huggers and usually don’t give it a second thought. If you're one of those people please continue reading, because knowing about your chakras and their functions can lead to a better quality of life, save you tons of pain, heartache, money, and uncertainty when dealing with your physical and emotional health and wellness.  Seemingly simple ailments like sadness, confusion, constipation, recurring sore throat, headaches, etc,. can be directly linked to an imbalance of your chakras.
After reading your chakras, we will discuss the ones that are closed or too open and begin crystal work, crystal therapy, and affirmations to begin the alignment of your energy.  Sometimes more than one session is needed. You will be advised on what crystals to keep around or on you to assist in the healing of your spirit/ energy system.