Happy Valentines

Valentine's Day has been a special day for people for centuries, and although I might be the founder of this company, it's not any different for me. Every Valentine's Day, I take the time to appreciate all the love that there is in my life - from my friends, family, and colleagues. It only seems proper on this day to thank everyone for making it so much brighter ever since I founded Pocket Full of Stones. So from me to you, enjoy 25% off our Divine Gold Collection, Happy Valentine's Day!


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  • Eraldo V Estrada

    "Joy is true to her name, a blessing to be guided by. She helped me find the perfect obsidian for my Beloved and her collection is both authentic and beautifully diverse. A wonderful place to go."

  • Whitney Brion

    "This place is absolutely perfect! I’m so glad found it, she’s amazing and so knowledgeable about crystals. Definitely coming back!"

  • Tiffany Godbold

    "The online experience was amazing! The website was easy to navigate and had tons of available options! I selected in-store pick-up. My order was identical to the picture on the website!"